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iLab Solutions’ storeroom management module is designed to help facilities such as stockrooms, supply closets, and stores manage and sell the products that they have produced internally or procured from outside vendors. Its functionality flexibly supports the myriad of workflows that occur during the lifecycle of an order, including order placement, product listing, stock level and reorder management, and distribution tracking. 

iLab focuses on the workflow of both the storeroom staff and its customers. Staff can easily manage inventory levels with the ability to scan and track received and manufactured inventory as well as set out-of-stock notifications. Storeroom customers benefit from easily accessing products either through “in store” purchasing or online catalog listing. Further, iLab’s robust billing features allow for automated billing, including the option for auto-generated vendor purchase orders. Expenditures and past orders are tracked within the system providing full visibility in purchase history. 

With iLab's Storeroom Management tool, product cores are able to:

  • Manage inventory levels in real-time through sales, receiving, transfers and adjustments
  • Receive items into on-hand inventory (from a vendor or from core manufacturing)
  • Sell products using order entry/POS (point of sale) method
  • Allow customers to browse and order through an online core catalog
  • Allow on-line and in-person product ordering, pickup and delivery
  • Allow for the use of internal fund cards as "debit" cards for customers
  • Generate vendor purchase orders
  • Perform full or partial physical inventory counts
  • Create revenue and usage reports
  • Track critical info i.e. dates & titer
  • Follow detailed tracking of hazardous chemicals


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