Core Facility Management

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iLab Solutions is the leader in providing Core Facility Management Software. Its tool helps reduce costs and increase utilization of shared resources. Over 600 cores at 50 institutions across the world use iLab’s Core Facility Management software today. The functionality includes request management, equipment reservation and usage tracking, project tracking, inventory managementbilling and invoicing, and reporting.

Deploying a robust and flexible core facility management system saves time and money for core personnel, institutional administrators and researchers.  In addition, the establishment of a shared platform ensures that the institution enjoys the full benefit of its investment in core operations.

The requirements of core facilities vary based on the type, size, and customer base of each facility. Large institutions with many cores tend to collectively need most if not all of the functionality described in Exhibit 1. iLab has developed core facility software which includes the full spectrum of features commonly required by major research institutions.


Please view iLab Solutions Core Facility Management information document here.

Exhibit 1 – Table of desired functionality