iLab’s Publication Tracker module allows cores to easily search for, filter, and save publications, namely those citing that core. Despite being an important function for core managers and institutional admins, publication tracking has been notoriously difficult, and often avoided. As a task that can also lead to greater funding, iLab's newest module drastically streamlines this process.

To help core facility administrators address the difficulties of tracking publications, iLab has broken the process into the following basic steps:

  • Discover: Quickly identify publications of interest
  • Confirm: Request confirmation of authorship and facility contribution
  • Report: Download Publication Data for reporting purposes

According to iLab's most recent Benchmarking Study, 31% of cores manually track the number of publications to which they have contributed - an extremely time consuming process. Another 30% of cores reported not tracking publications at all, significantly compromising their ability to campaign for renewed or additional funding. Throughout the build, iLab is focused on delivering four key values:

Save managers time by making it easier to find publications to which core facilities may have contributed. This is accomplished by providing a dynamic query builder which can reflect on customers and members of the facility to generate lists of relevant publications.

Increase data quality and save mangers time by distributing the process of confirming publication contributions directly to researchers

Save researchers time by providing simple confirmation interfaces instead of emailing back and forth excel spreadsheets

Improve facility insights by providing rich and detailed data exports that can be customized to meet a variety of different reporting needs

By combining publication data with other reporting data available in our standard reporting module, core facility administrators can help understand which services are proving valuable and where to invest additional time and money. The first version of this module supports a deep integration wit PubMed. iLab will be working closely with additional partners to identify additional data sources for integration.