Addressing Government Access to Data

iLab treats data integrity, availability, security, and privacy very seriously. We believe the world’s governments should address the practices and laws regulating government surveillance of individuals and access to their information.

iLab's CEO, Tad Fallows, has written the President urging him to restore confidence in internet users by leading the global community in security and privacy reform . Furthermore, employees of iLab have addressed their local representatives asking them to ensure U.S. surveillance efforts are transparent, clearly restricted by law, and subject to independent oversight.

Read on to view iLab's CEO letter to the President. 

iLab CEO Letter to the President

October 22, 2014

Dear Mr. President,

In recent months, numerous media outlets have reported on the National Security Agency’s (NSA) aggressive tactics related to accessing data over the Internet, affecting citizens of both the United States and our allies abroad.  We believe this behavior is destructive, short-sighted, and counter-productive.

The United States enjoys a unique position today thanks to the strength of our technology sector, our historic contributions to the development of the Internet, and the size of our economy and military. The long term interests of our country and our friends are best served by using our unique position today to set norms of behavior that can endure long into the future.  By exercising restraint and voluntarily subjecting ourselves to clearly-defined limits, the United States can best ensure that other powers will exhibit similar behavior in the future.

Furthermore, by abusing the ability to access data of our allies, the NSA actively undermines the technology sector of the United States.  Our company manages sensitive data for leading universities around the world. The behavior of the NSA in other spheres has created a climate of mistrust.  We must prioritize the needs of our customers and their desire for data security above all else.

We have been forced to move data relating to international customers to servers outside of the United States, as well as to implement other strategies to safeguard the privacy of this data.  This drives business away from American companies.  We have also located attractive jobs in technology development, security, and data management outside of the United States.  This hurts the American economy and undermines our long term technology leadership.

I am writing this letter to urge you to restore confidence in Internet users by ensuring U.S. surveillance efforts are transparent, clearly restricted by law, and subject to independent oversight. And I encourage you to take it further and lead the global community in security and privacy reform.


Tad Fallows


iLab Solutions, LLC

More information on iLab's Security and Privacy Policy can be found here