iLab's Instrument Access Control module with Hardware Interlock functionality

With iLab's Instrument Access Control module, facilities can manage access of shared equipment through use of an iLab Bridge. The iLab Bridge connects to the iLab system through the internal networks on campus, allowing facilities to control access to instruments that are both on an external network or connected locally.

With this new technology, facilities can define when and by whom instruments can be used, locking out those who should not have access.

The criteria that can be predefined by the facility to regulate usage include:

  1. Booking rules (time of day, day of the week, is another individual signed up at that time, etc.)
  2. User type (internal or external, trained or untrained, etc.)
  3. Reservation type (pre-reservation requirement or if walk-ups are acceptable)

Kiosk for Usage Tracking

This easy to use tool helps cores monitor real-time usage and compare against scheduled time through a kiosk-style computer interface. With this feature, reservations will automatically reflect the scheduled and actual usage allowing for a more efficient confirmation and billing process.

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