Top 4 Reasons to Choose iLab_perspective.03.png

iLab Advantages

1. Stability

  • iLab has ten years of experience with tens of thousands of researchers served in labs and core facilities across 160 research institutions world-wide
  • Over $250 Million in transactions are processed through the iLab system each year

2. Experience

  • The system was founded by academic researchers
  • All iLab tools have been developed in collaboration with NIH-funded research institutions
  • iLab works with non-profit research institutions such as medical schools, hospitals, cancer centers, and research universities
  • iLab serves 30 of the top 40 recipients of NIH funding and 33 NCI-designated cancer centers

3. Strength and Flexibility of Software

  • Customers enjoy a user-friendly interface and an intuitive work flow with flexibility to support established processes
  • Any number of users can be in the system at the same time without disruption to system performance
  • Advanced features include project tracking for complex requests, actual usage tracking for equipment, sample management, and dynamic reporting

4. Service and Support

  • iLab utilizes the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosting model, which eliminates local hardware and dramatically reduces local support
  • iLab provides unlimited support directly to end users
  • iLab continuously increases value and functionality for our customers by developing on-going system upgrades and enhancements with minimal interruption and downtime
  • Extensive experience allows for rapid and smooth deployment, including integrations with other institutional systems
  • A dedicated implementation team works closely with each customer for an individualized experience