Developed in partnership with scientists at leading research hospitals and universities, iLab’s core facility management and lab management tools serve the non-profit research community, with customers that include leading universities, research hospitals, government labs and independent institutes, including 34 of the 50 largest recipients of NIH funding as well as 33 NCI designated cancer centers. 

iLab now serves over 160 research institutions across 16 countries worldwide



"We love having the ability to locate service center operations for both service related and product related core facilities under a single online system. This single location allows the upper administration to access core facility use and sales data from a centralized location and not from a series of departments around campus. We reduced the number of staff required to handle a single product order in half because of the combination of online ordering, fulfillment, tracking, and invoicing into a single user friendly ordering system. For us, fewer touches means fewer errors and faster processing of each order. The report features allows us to view commonly used items so that we can adjust our stock more frequently based on PI demand. University departments enjoy having access to invoices within iLab Solutions without having to make a request to our department. Departmental admins also love having access to all the product orders from PI’s in their department real time so they can track spending. Easy access helps the departmental admins to limit overspending grant accounts and the subsequent paperwork that follows."

-Brian Tomlinson, Director, Office of Research Services, University of Georgia

"iLab has helped us in a number of ways, though the most useful feature is the ability to monitor and report both actual and scheduled usage. From that point, building those reports has become much easier and more efficient with the abilities to customize and apply multiple settings. Additionally, other tasks including managing labs, users, and their training have all become much simpler as well. Features like these have saved us a great deal of time, eliminating much of the billing and reporting work we had been doing manually."

-Federica Fania, Segreteria FRACTAL - Servizio di Citometria, Istituto Scientifico San Raffaele

"I cannot speak highly enough about the time-saving and financial benefits of iLab. Integration of iLab with our university finance system means I can keep a regular eye on budget codes and can generate bills in less than an hour each month. A particularly useful feature is the ability to track usage on the instruments, enabling us to bill for time used even if a booking was not made. I also like the reporting module – it is really versatile and great if a PI wants a quick summary for a grant report. I would not hesitate to recommend iLab."

-Rebecca Pike, Flow Cytometry Facility Manager, Barts Cancer Institute

“Working with the iLab group has been a terrific and successful experience for Weill Cornell.  They know how to listen to their customer and execute solutions which, frankly, exceed expectations.  They have a can-do attitude which they back up by delivering the promised product on time and on budget.  Truly a pleasure to deal with.”

 –Harry M. Lander, Ph.D., Assistant Provost, Weill Cornell Medical College

“iLab has been a great way of keeping track of service requests from our investigators – I like the fact that I can email customers and iLab staff anytime from WITHIN the system.  The iLab staff has been wonderful in answering all my questions along the way – very quick response and they explain everything to clear up any confusion that I may have had.”

–Namhee Shin, Wayne State University Proteomics Core

“Memorial Sloan-Kettering and iLab Solutions have worked together to establish a centralized, uniform system for managing core service requests.  This solution supports PI approval, real-time funding information, request tracking, and overall reporting, including reporting aimed at specific grant requirements. The iLab team has worked relentlessly with our institution to meet these needs and to help us evolve our processes.  We have been so pleased with this level of support that we are considering expanding the scope of this partnership beyond the original mandate.  Throughout the process, iLab has been supportive to all our needs 24/7 and has been proactive in addressing existing needs as well as upcoming concerns.”

 –Diane Tabarini, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“iLab Solutions was a great company to work with – organized, well-prepared and cooperative. I had never worked with them before and I was favorably impressed. They offer a great product with great support at an affordable cost.”

-TC Sutton, Information Tech Specialist of the Office of Research, Washington State University

“The iLab system is a total solution.  I have been extremely pleased with the ability to customize almost every aspect of the interface.  The staff members have provided me with unparalleled service and support throughout the design and implementation phases of our project.  We have brought one core online as a test, but will soon implement the system campus wide for all cores.  It is a comprehensive tool that makes running a core as easy as it can possibly be!”

 –Steve McClellan, University of South Alabama

“Sanford-Burnham Shared Resources is undergoing the implementation phase of iLab Solutions for 6 of its cores. As Shared Resources coordinator of the la Jolla site, I have been working closely with their implementation team since May 2011. They have been very responsive in adapting their system to the cores’ specific needs and in resolving some technical issues that arose in the process. They also provided excellent training to the core managers and worked closely with our Administrative Computing team to successfully establish the financial interface between the two systems.

 We now have 2 cores “live”, with the other four following within the next couple of weeks. So far, transition to the new system has been smooth and users’ response has been positive.”

 –Ericka Eggleston, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute

“Working with iLab was my first effort as a project manager to implement a program ‘virtually’.  I was very concerned about the ability to communicate ideas and needs to get the work done in a timely manner, thinking that, ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’, would be the norm.  The iLab staff however have been trained to work in this type of environment and have been so professional and so courteous that we have been able to move forward far more quickly than I could have imagined.  Their turn-around time in acknowledging requests for assistance is about two hours, more often less.  They make recommendations where they can, but what I appreciate even more is the fact that if they don’t have an immediate answer, they acknowledge receipt of the request with a plan to seek out the right resource to resolve the issue.  To me, aside from a good product, these are key attributes of a strong, reliable company.”

 –Kathleen Beard, Wayne State University

“Fantastic support. One of the best things about iLab. Requests are responded to promptly and courteously. I’m frequently contacted by alert support staff before I’ve even had a chance to report a problem because they saw it on their end.”

–Jason Barnett, Research Lab Coordinator, Cancer Program, The Broad Institute

“This system allows all the personnel in the laboratory access to place orders onsite and offsite. This is critical to the fast moving pace of research and the requirements of the end user. We use it also for data basing our stocks, listing our protocols, and posting data for interfacing with our principal investigators who at times travel extensively. We use it for financial day-to-day management, which again is critical, as science is expensive and we need to get the best value for the research dollar without delaying the research.”

–Vivien Igras, Research Supervisor, Massachusetts General Hospital

“iLab saves us the time and cost of having to create our own purchase database, and prevents us from having to make painstaking searches for specific items.”

–Joseph Frey, Lab Manager, UMass Medical School

“It’s nice to have a [budget] figure on the [iLab] screen that tells you how much you’ve been spending. . . because it lets me know when I have to make an emergency order.”

–Julio Long, Research Technician, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“We have been using iLab to place our lab orders, upload protocols, and share information with other labs. One of the biggest strengths of this program is that we can easily share information about protocols and reagents both within the lab and with other labs.”

–Stephanie Courchesne, Graduate Student, Harvard Medical School

“[iLab] has been a great addition and actually made cumbersome processes simpler. In particular, we can now directly see the status of our placed orders, allowing for better planning of the experiments and an easier overview of laboratory common supplies.”

–Hans Widlund PhD, Principal Investigator, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“iLab has completely streamlined the process of ordering reagents and has significantly increased the efficiency and productivity of my research.”

–Cicely Jette PhD, Principal Investigator, Huntsman Cancer Institute

“With iLab it’s so much easier to keep track of everything. It definitely saves time. iLab makes ordering easier and faster.”

–Kathy Johnson, Lab Manager, Stanford University

“My colleagues and I are very happy with iLab & personally I love that it makes my life so much easier!”

–Jessica Hughes, Administrative Assistant, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“The support feature has been one of the most outstanding features that many of the lab members mention. Response to questions and calls for help occur in real time – and almost always resolve the situation immediately.”

–Sean Clohessy, Lab Manager/Research Fellow, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center