Core Facility Management 

Deploying a robust and flexible core facility management system saves time and money for core personnel, institutional administrators and researchers.  In addition, the establishment of a shared platform ensures that the institution enjoys the full benefit of its investment in core operations.

Request Management

  • Review, sort and search for service requests
  • Respond to requests with a project quote and projected timeline
  • Track workflow
  • Mark tasks as ‘completed’ and ‘ready to bill

Resource Scheduling

  • Set available hours, min/max reservations, and limit when users can create or edit reservations
  • Set pricing depending on time of day or type of usage
  • Limit access based on training status

Sample Processing

  • Define a container type, such as a 96-well plate, and the sample format
  • Accept samples from many customers and pool them onto containers
  • Download custom formatted files for processing samples on equipment, such as sequencers
  • Process samples and automatically bill for services performed on samples

iLab is launching its Animal Management Module in 2015!  

iLab is launching its Animal Management Module in 2015!  

Animal Management

  • Animal procurement
  • Protocol driven animal ordering
  • Track facility usage
  • Simple animal census with barcoding
  • Automated billing
  • Dynamic reporting

Business Intelligence

  • Configure, save, and export custom reports
  • Filter data based on quantity, cost, and customer
  • Review metrics compiled in dynamic, easy-to-read charts and tables

Customer Management

  • Easily find specific customers using various search criteria
  • View and download relevant contact information
  • Send an email directly to core users

Inventory & Barcoding

  • Track inventory type and location
  • Associate samples to a service request
  • Apply charges to specific inventory items within a service request for accurate billing

Usage Tracking

  • Monitor resource usage by uploading logs or by using iLab’s Usage Tracker application 
  • Directly compare actual usage and scheduled usage 
  • Dynamically bill for resource time used

Billing & Invoicing

  • Automatically generate invoices based on charge inputs
  • Send notifications to customers to view invoices online
  • Search and filter invoices based on customer, grant code, and charge type



  • Authenticate valid funding information for core usage
  • Integrate with institution financial system for accurate and efficient billing
  • Integrate with institution user directory for single sign-on capabilities