iLab Solutions and Nationwide Children’s Hospital Collaborate on Core Facility Management Software

iLab Solutions and Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Nationwide Children’s) have announced a collaboration to develop a Core Facility Management software that can be utilized by all cores at Nationwide Children’s to improve the efficiency of their request and reservation processes, allowing these facilities more time to spend on more critical activities such as further developing technologies that are relevant to their core business which, in turn, leads to better serving their customers. The backbone of this software is iLab’s Core Facility Management software, a solution used at top research institutions across the country. This tool is known within Nationwide Children’s as “eCores.”

iLab and Nationwide Children’s continue to work together to identify additional enhancements to iLab’s software. iLab’s Chief Software Architect, Andreas Hagen, said he is “pleased with how this collaboration has benefited both Nationwide Children’s as well as iLab.” He then added, “Our Service Center system is more robust and offers more advantages to all of our customers thanks to the partnership we’ve formed with Nationwide Children’s. The open dialogue between our teams has helped us to further our understanding of what the core facility community needs.”

The development of eCores has led to adding features to the iLab system that are valuable to the broader research community. These include the ability for core staff to effectively manage over-extended fund codes to ensure payment and view-only public equipment calendars.

“iLab’s philosophy is to work closely with each of our customers to understand the challenges so we can develop a solution that meets their actual needs,” said Hagen. “Each time we solve new challenges with one customer, our entire user base benefits.”

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