iLab Participates in River Clean-up: Giving Back to our Adoptive Community

It was a beautiful bright day on February 21 in Austin, TX, when 16 members of the iLab team arrived at Lady Bird Lake.  We immediately grabbed plastic bags, gloves, and grabbers and eagerly scanned the area, ready to set out. Soon we were spread out along the bank, searching out our quarry for the day – trash.   Styrofoam cups, empty beer bottles, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, discarded clothing – you name it, we found it.

This is how members of the iLab team spent part of a day during our company retreat in late February.  The goal of the retreat was to refine the company’s business practices and build camaraderie, but the team also wanted to take some time to improve our home for the week.

iLab’s Implementation Associate, Rebekah Mesker, worked with the non-profit group Keep Austin Beautiful ( to organize the event, enabling the iLab team to join the 20,000 other individuals who volunteer each year to clean and beautify Austin. Due to recent flooding, there was an abundance of trash along the banks of Lady Bird Lake. Garbage along shorelines has many negative effects, causing harm to animals, diminishing the beauty of the city, and contaminating drinking water.

“Not only is it important to us as a company that we practice environmental stewardship”, said iLab CEO Tad Fallows, “but it is also important that our employees feel they are part of something bigger. The culture within iLab is that we care for each other, we care for our product, we care for our customers, and we care for our communities.”

At iLab, employees are encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance. For some, volunteering is a crucial part of that balance. Many of the iLab team volunteer their time through programs that benefit community recreation areas, schools, youth mentoring programs, and environmental conservation, to name a few.  Community outreach programs are an exciting and meaningful way to be involved.

“It was great to participate in a river clean-up with the rest of the team,” said Jess Evans, an iLab Customer Partnerships Manager who also volunteers for Rivers Unlimited, a river conservation group in Southwest Ohio.  “I am proud that our team chose to clean a river, which is near and dear to my heart. It was a beautiful day to get out along the lake to clean, laugh, and make a difference in the community.”

The iLab team also participated in team building exercises, process management training, company vision and road-map directives, and fine-tuned our teamwork and communication while at the off-site.  The program was a great success, and everyone is looking forward to the next retreat.

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