iLab Gaining Traction at Arizona State University

In this month's ASU LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Sciences Newsletter there was a wonderful piece called iLab Gaining Traction. This article explains the ways in which the research community at ASU is working together more efficiently due to iLab's core facility management software. 

I cannot express how thrilled the iLab team members were to read this piece. ASU cores have played an integral part in helping develop our software where it is today. We truly believe that we are a success because of customer collaboration. For that, thank you to our customers and all of their input, and thank you to the ASU LE-CSSS for sharing the benefits of iLab. 

Without further ado, here is the article: 

iLab Gaining Traction

In September 2013, the LeRoy Eyring Center commenced implementation of iLab Solutions, a web-based management platform that supports the center’s core facilities through equipment usage tracking and reservations, project management, automated billing, and reporting.  The iLab development team has demonstrated considerable aptitude in addressing the varied service types within our laboratories, as well as the needs of our varied user base. 

Let’s take a brief look at living with iLab:

User registration takes 5 minutes.  Once enrolled, users are able to schedule time for services and training, receive cost estimates, view documents and track the status of their projects.  Principal investigators and administrators have, for the first time, enhanced visibility and control over their student groups.  Since iLab went live last September, more than 800 users have enrolled.

Center staff can update the progress of a user’s project, communicate with the user and record important project details; all captured in real-time.   

System interface integrates usage data from our instruments into iLab to automate billing and fuel iLab's powerful reporting tool.  Reports can be generated providing charts and tables describing equipment use by quantity and price, filterable by user and time.

Over the past six months, learning curves have flattened significantly, and the general feeling is that iLab is an unqualified success.

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